Aleksi Ranta Group

Aleksi Ranta Group is a modern jazz quartet influenced by the Nordic music heritage. From intense jazz-tangos to cinematic melodies, the group focuses on a powerful interplay and energetic improvisation. The group has published three albums and received great reviews in Finland and abroad. Musicians are guitarist Aleksi Ranta, pianist Petri Rahikkala, bassist Juho Kivivuori and drummer Juho Peltoniemi.

”Ranta´s compositions are like stories where the musicians bring their own schemes” -Helsingin Sanomat

Comics in Concert

Comics in Concert is a trio consisting of an illustrator, guitarist and accordion player creating a fascinating new art form. The musicians’ improvised jazz sound is complemented by a third, soundless instrument, while the live comic drawing takes its inspiration from the music. Ville Ranta, Aleksi Ranta and Niko Kumpuvaara are all masters of their own craft but Comics in Concert is more than the sum of its parts; here, drawing becomes music and music becomes storytelling.

Comics in Concert Belly from Comics In Concert on Vimeo.

Nordic Audio & Music Productions Ltd

Nordic Audio & Music Productions Ltd is a Helsinki-based company that specializes in making original music and audio for film and television productions, games and commercials. The company was founded in 2014 by Aleksi Ranta who wanted to bring together his fellow musicians, sound designers and producers to work with many-sided and innovative audio projects.


Flickstick is an award-winning German-Swedish-Finnish jazz band. The band was founded by German saxophonist Birgitta Flick and trombonist Lisa Stick in 2008. Other musicians are guitarist Aleksi Ranta, bassist Max Thornberg and drummer Christian Augustin. Flickstick combines European jazz with edgy free jazz. Flickstick will release their 2nd album in 2017 by German Wismart.

Unlike Festival

Unlike Festival - An International Film, Art, Music and Cultural Festival - The goal of Unlike Festivals is to provide local artists - particularly younger artists - from different backgrounds an opportunity to showcase their work while also building networks and relationships to create more possibilities for future collaborations, bridging different cultures, breaking prejudices and addressing some of the challenges that our societies face.

Ranta is one of the founders and the musical director of the festival.